Our technician will begin cleaning by carefully vacuuming the coverings with system designed to remove allergens and dust.  After the vacuuming process is complete the technician will use one of two professional methods for soil extraction.  We use our custom dry-cleaning method on all natural fabrics in order to protect and preserve the natural fibers. Our wet-cleaning method is very effective and used on all synthetic fabrics leaving them soil free and vibrant in appearance. 


Offering multiple professional methods allows us to effectively clean virtually any type of fabric without shrinkage or removal of resin coatings that preserve your fabrics shine.  We also offer a unique dust repellant that we can apply   after cleaning in order to minimize the amount of dust collected by your window treatments. This entire service will be completed on the same day!

Did you know that 95% of today's fabric window coverings cannot be dry cleaned with the traditional in-plant method?  The on-site system will clean any fabric window covering right where it hangs and GUARANTEE NO SHRINKAGE OR DAMAGE!




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